芳賀 一洋(はがいちよう)

Ichiyoh Haga



Azumaya (a cottage)

芳賀 一洋(はがいちよう) Ichiyoh Haga


日本ドールハウス協会 名誉会員
株式会社ミクロコスモス 代表

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With its elaborate techniques, Mr.Haga's works induce nostalgia in viewers. Due to its high artistry, his work has been described as "three-dimensional painting" and highly evaluated in the world including Europe and the United States.
"I started this just for a distraction. At that time I had been too busy to think of the cash-flow problem of my business and I just wanted to do something else that work with my hands to relax."
As soon as he started the career as a creator, he's got a large attention from media and held exhibitions at famous department stores and hotels in Tokyo.
“In the following year, I closed all the stores I ran and decided to get by as an creator. After that, I was devoted only to creation night and day." In that busy life as a creator, his representative works were born one after another, such as "Moka Station in the early Showa period" which was ordered from Moka city in Tochigi prefecture and "Tokiwa-so" ordered from Ishinomori Mangakan.



Kitaikebukuro of youth



The night of Saint-Denis



48 Rue Descartes



He cuts the 0.1mm thick nickel silver along the line drawn with the pattern paper. The grips of the iD choki are red.  He selected craft type blades. 

“They are stable and very easy to cut.”



In response to the question "What do you care most about your job?"
He answered "I'm not particular about anything but make good staff."



"This place used to be a hut that my father built by himself as a garage for his car around 1955.
Before that, it was a small garden where some vegetables were planted. I remember that the Myoga (Japanese ginger) picked there was often in our miso soup for breakfast. "



His gallery next to the atelier. The BGM of the piano slowly melts into the scenery of his works and feels like you're frozen in time.

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Ichiyoh Haga


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